Digital Identity

Companies must be constantly evolving to stay up-to- date with the digital environment their customers are living and working in. Technologies such as IoT, AI and cloud computing are in continual development, so to maintain effective interaction with customers, businesses will have to become dynamic towards new ways of working through digital platforms.


Digital Identity has an impact on society and businesses caused by changes in use, opportunity and application of digital technologies to retain customers, grow new business channels, drive revenues and assure digital identity credentials


However, it is not enough to simply adopt new technologies; the business must change its way of thinking and become flexible in how it works. There is no end-date to Digital Identity: it will always be a relevant progression in every successful business, so innovation is key.


Identity is a significant part of a company’s digital journey, and will only become more important as users create digital identities and slowly stop relying on traditional technologies such as passwords.


This presents a new type of security challenge, as the number of devices and identities are increasing, and each needs to be secured. Customers will not trust the businesses they interact with unless they’re confident in the privacy of their information.




Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) has become a holistic solution to IAM in itself. It has revolutionised the quality, mobility and security of data about customers and enables organisations to capture, manage and control customer access to applications and services.
Across multiple digital properties, access is streamlined and secure for both business and their clients. CIAM makes continuity of digital content served to customers ever easier from start to finish.
When CIAM Is implemented correctly, it allows simpler introduction of new products and services to customers, greater security and identity management, better knowledge of client behaviour and demands, and lower costs.
CIAM solutions provide a plethora of features, including self-service account management, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), directory services, profiling, data access governance and consent and preference management.
In today’s rapidly moving digital economy, CIAM is absolutely essential to turn customer experience into a customer engagement.